HORSE RIDING – Duration 1 hour
Alone on your horse, the Namib Desert stretching out in front of you, you listen to the sounds of the horse’s hoofbeats.  Your eyes drink in the stark beauty of the Swakop River Canyon, and later when you emerge from the canyon towards the Moonlandscape,  you enjoy the fresh air, calm down and become one with nature. Experience the rugged scenery of Swakopmund, the Namib Desert and the dunes on Horseback!

LIVING DESERT TOUR – Duration 5 hours
The Living Desert Tour is a unique 4×4 adventure which specialises in bringing the desert to life while sharing the awesome beauty of the Namib Desert with travellers from all over the world. The coastal dune belt may seem barren and lifeless to many people, but in fact it is alive with a fascinating variety of little desert adapted animals, which are able to survive on the life-giving fog which consistently rolls in from the cold Atlantic Ocean. [showhide type =”living” more_text = “read more…” less_text = hide]

Come see the Dancing White Lady Spider (Carparachne aureoflava) cartwheel 44 turns per second down a dune to escape the enemy. Admire the transparent Namib Dune Gecko (Pachydactylus rangei) with webbed feet that are equivalent to snow shoes. Learn about the different beetles and insects and how they survive in the dune desert. Follow in the tracks of a legless Lizard (Fitsimmon’s Burrowing Skink), observe Sand Diving Lizards (Meroles Anchieta) dancing on the hot sand, Sidewinder Snakes (Perinquey’s Adder), Desert Chameleons and many more fascinating creatures. Learn about the geology, structure and formation of the desert, and admire the vast and beautiful landscapes while enjoying a scenic dune drive combined with fun and adrenalin.[/showhide]

The Ultimate Fun! Start off on a normal quad bike trip but after about 40 minutes of driving, stop for Lie-Down Sand boarding. Out comes the “high tech” boards, some last minute waxing might be needed and then blast off down the dune. “The” dune is safe and easy but can still provide quite a ride and offer splendid opportunities to get really “close to the desert”… After sand boarding it’s back on your bikes and another hour of quad biking.

ROSSMUND GOLF CLUB – 18 holes (need to bring your own clubs)
The Rössmund Golf Club, as we know it today, was founded in 1979. However, documents exist to show that golf has been played in Swakopmund since 1935. In 1975 a group of local Swakopmunders formed the Swakopmund Golf Club and built a 9 hole course with concrete tees, sand fairways and oiled greens, the remains of which are still visible today from the back nine. [showhide type =”golf” more_text = “read more…” less_text = hide]

The love of golf in the area prompted Jim Cowie of Rio Tinto to announce, at the opening ceremony Rössing’s intention to build a grass Golf Course. Although the architect (Rees Jones Junior) was commissioned to design an 18 hole course. Only 9 holes were completed and these were officially opened on 6 March 1979. The Name of the Club was then changed to RÖSSMUND GOLF CLUB (which is an acronym from the words Rössing and Swakopmund). This new name was also to acknowledge that the Swakopmund Municipality donated 134 hectares of land to build the course on.

This course was allowed to mature and develop until 1987 when it was agreed that a further 9-holes should be added and Bill Kerr was commissioned to design the back nine. 1988 saw the first alterations to the clubhouse. Larger windows were added for a better view of the course and it’s wonderful surroundings. Work on the course was completed in time to stage the club’s annual open competition in December 1988. The extension of the course brought the need to extend the clubhouse. This prompted the building of the existing clubhouse. Building operations were completed just in time to host the first of two Skeleton Coast Classic Pro Tournaments that were highlights on the PGA of SA’s Winter Tour: the first of these tournaments in 1989 was won by John Bland who carded four under par for his 54 holes, and the second by Roger Wessels the next year.

Incidentally, during the second tournament, the course record by a professional was set at 64 (Cape Town based professional by the name of Tony Lowe). In November 2009 the course hosted the MTC professional event which was won by Hennie Otto.

The operation of the club and the course remained in the hands of the committee until 1996 when the course was sold Mr Graham Louw and Victor Kolikovski, members of the then newly founded Rössmund Golf Course cc. A few years later Wim van der Plas bought the shares of Victor Kolikovski and became the new partner of the Close Corporation. The Club Constitution had to be revised to make provision for these changes in ownership and today the Club remains a separate entity from the Course. The main objectives of the Committee are to arrange and manage golf competitions and tournaments, and to ensure that golf is played within the guidelines of the Royal and Ancient Rules of Golf.[/showhide]

SANDBOARDING (lie down or stand up) – Duration 1 hour each
Stand-up and lie-down sand boarding the African way is something of a MUST in Swakopmund. Speeds of up to 80km/hr can be reached!  All necessary equipment provided. The crew is all-Namibian and known for their laid-back style and friendly approach “Da African Way”.  For stand-up sand boarding, please advice your shoe size in advance.

Scenic drive starts in Swakopmund down to Walvis Bay – stop over at Paaltjies and observe the bird life – from there you have a 4×4 drive out to Pelican Point where kayaking will take place for approximately 2 hours. Kayak with seals, and play with the dolphins, if they are there. Catering for both inexperienced and experienced clients.  Afterwards enjoy a lovely lunch (picnic) on the beach at Pelican Point and see the bird life, which abounds. Return to Swakopmund.

All treatments are undertaken at the Seaside Hotel & Spa.  Their philosophy is to treat each person as an individual, where the only focus is you. To enhance wellbeing through intuitive touch in the world’s most desired locations – leaving SeaSide forever soaked in your spirit.
Let them pamper you with the most progressive and professional spa experience possible.
Treatments available:  Full body massage / pedicure / manicure

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Name Surname - 011 123 4567 | 082 123 4567

Name Surname - 011 123 4567 | 082 123 4567

Contact Details
Name Surname - 011 123 4567 | 082 123 4567

Name Surname - 011 123 4567 | 082 123 4567